Geek Pride Day — May 25, 2020

Geek Pride Day
You might remember, know someone, being mocked by your peers and classmates as being the kind of person who is not so good at socialising. Anyone with thick glasses or with uncommon baggy dress and having so social skills, could…

National Olive Day — June 1, 2020

National Olive Day
Nutritional diet is considered a top-most priority of all of us, and we all try to focus on consuming a healthy and balanced diet. There are seven most important ingredients in our diet that we all study in our science…

Latest PPSC MCQS 2020

1. Pope Francis is the ————— pope of roman catholic church? a) 135th b) 256th c) 263rd d) 266th 2. Amjad Sabri was assassinated on a) 22 June 2016 b) 22 July 2016 c) 22 June 2017 d) 22 July…