Is Imran Khan Using Covid-19 for Economic Stability?

The novel coronavirus has grasped the whole world into its deadly arms. However, its spread is not so even if we compare some regions with other ones. Europe and the USA are the most affected regions by this pandemic. However, this is not the case with most Asian countries, although they are, too, severely affected by this disease.

According to a report of the most affected countries by Covid-19 are USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, China, and UK, with the USA having the most number of registered cases. The stats show that European countries and the USA are most affected by coronavirus. Different organisations have different justifications for these stats. Some are of the opinion that in those countries where TB vaccine is compulsory are least affected by coronavirus and vice versa.

Having discussed the situation of the spread of this disease, we know that Pakistan lies in Asia and is among the countries which are moderately or slightly affected by the virus, with the total number of confirmed cases to be 4,788 as of April 11, 2020. Different opinionators and experts have their own opinions and theories to justify this situation.

Keeping in view the severity of the situation and the activeness of the government of Pakistan regarding its financial activity seems to be quite laudable. In the beginning, the Prime Minister has asked the world financial institutions to give relief regarding its debts and also asked them to help in this precarious situation.

Asian Development Bank approved a $2 million grant for Pakistan to fight against the pandemic. Similarly, the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a $200 million package to help Pakistan cope with Covid-19 on April 2. A further $38 million support will be allocated from eight different projects for urgently needed medical equipment.

Furthermore, in yesterday’s telethon that was run under the platform of 92 News, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been successful in achieving Rs. 200 million from local and international citizens of Pakistan. This whole scenario portrays a positive future for Pakistan.

History has witnessed the downfall of the global economy in the aftermath of the outbreak of Spanish Flu. However, America experienced the New Deal which changed the destiny of the country, and America had become the unchallengeable global hegemon.

Likewise, with the adoption of right policies and right path, Pakistan can also get out of this debt trap in which it has been confined since now. The economy of Pakistan can be dragged on the right track and towards stability, if not prosperity.

Toqeer Waheed

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