Geek Pride Day — May 25, 2020

Geek Pride Day

You might remember, know someone, being mocked by your peers and classmates as being the kind of person who is not so good at socialising. Anyone with thick glasses or with uncommon baggy dress and having so social skills, could be mocked and separated out of society so easily, even termed as mentally ill, some years ago.

Time is not the same, thanks to Geek Pride Day. Credit goes to one more discovery, that is social traits like extroversion and introversion. Geekiness is a trait of mostly introverted persons who prefer to stay in their room all day long and do whatever they like. This might be programming a new software, reading books, inventing something related to engineering fiend or playing games, spending time with other geeky friends etc.

Contrary to socially apt persons, geeks do not want to spend more time out of their comfort zone that, in most cases, is their room. They do not want to attend a number of parties and gatherings as these do not amuse them in any way.

History of Geek Pride Day

The history of Geek Pride Day has its link with Spain, where a blogger named German Martinez decided to set a day for geeks in 2006. He chose May 25, as the date of Geek Pride Day as it coincides with the release date of Star Wars in 1977. It also sets a precedent that Geek Pride Day has its link with Star Wars. It might be his bloggers skills or the acceptability of this day that it spread all over the internet and the world came to know that they have one more day to celebrate and that is Geek Pride Day. The biggest event in the history of Geek Pride day was celebrated as a game of pacman played by 300 geeks.

Geek Pride Day took momentum and the first official Geek Pride Day was celebrated in 2008 in the US. In 2009 the Science Channel took interest in this Day and aired a special program on 25th of May the same year. Furthermore, a Geek Pride parade was also held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the year 2013. Like American Geek Pride Day was also adopted and celebrated in many other countries like Romania, Hungary, Israel, and Canada among others.

Bill of Rights for geeks

Though not officially accepted, some tech companies and publishers released a list of bill of rights for the geeks. Some of these rights are are mentioned below:

  • Gaining weight as much as one likes
  • Being indifferent to sports like football and other games that need bodily effort
  • Staying in the comfort zone of one’s room
  • Not having a date
  • Having fewer or no friends
  • Avoiding parties of any kind that include gatherings
  • Having all geeky friends only
  • Right to be associated or to seek association
  • To be more and more geeky

How to Celebrate Geek Pride Day/Things to do on a Geek Pride Day

The beauty of Geek Pride Days is that there are numerous ways this day can be celebrated. Following are suggested some of the ways, you can follow any or any number of them to spend your Geek Pride Day. Among these methods some are more creative than others, so you are recommended to choose more creative ones for yourself, to stand out from the crowd.

Play video games all the day

Buy or order a new version of your favourite video game beforehand, so that you could have one on this day. You can invite your other geek friend or friends to play with you. You can also order a pizza, or lasagne, or whatever you like to eat while playing.

Watch a drama series or a sequential movie or a number of movies

You can download and watch your favorite drama series, or any sequential movie that would pass your day. If you don’t like these or unable to find these you can watch a number of movies to pass your whole day.

Invite your geeky friends

You can invite your other geeky friends to your place and perform a number of activities together. You can cook something for dinner and lunch, have barbecue, play games, watch movies and netflix and the list goes on.

Read a small book or novel of your interest

You can buy a book containing the genre of your interest. It could be a novel, sci-fiction, geography, history or whatever you like. Make sure that the size of the book is so much that you could finish it in one day.

Set a number of tasks for yourself

This day can prove to be a life changer for you. You can make up a list of activities to perform during the whole day, first thing in the morning. These activities could include creative tasks as well as some entertaining ones. You could also mark the tasks one by one when finished and at the end of the day, you will be happier than ever, I bet.

Go out of your comfort zone

This could be the day to break the status quo. You could do something that makes you uncomfortable, but make sure the thing is socially, morally, and legally acceptable. This thing could be going out and talking to someone randomly or changing your bad habit.

Introverts and the Geek Pride Day

Being introverted is a blessing in disguise. It gives you the trait to be self-aware, and self-awareness is the first step in knowing others. A person who is not aware of himself can never understand others and others’ personalities.

Introverts are socially inept persons and prefer not to go out and meet people. If you are an introvert and have the said traits, then it is the time to change circumstances. Start from going out and try to talk to the first random person you meet on your way. This might give you a sense of achievement and adrenaline will flow through your veins. There are many other ways introverts could celebrate and attend this day, however, the point is to implement these methods and change your life forever.

Being introvert is not a bad thing, however, you can use it to your favour. You are more observing than other extroverted peers. This quality gives you to understand and comprehend even little details more efficiently.

Toqeer Waheed