Global Day of Parents 2020 – Monday June 1, 2020

Global Day Of Parents

We all have multiple jobs, duties and responsibilities to perform, but parenting is considered as the most important of all. This is because parenting makes or breaks the future generation and a future nation as a whole. Keeping in view the struggles and hardships faced by parents all around the world, the United Nations announced to allocate a global day of parents.

The announcement came in 2012 with resolution A/RES/66/292, and since then June 1 is celebrated as the Global Day of Parents all across the world.

Why Global Day of Parents is important

To address the challenges faced by parents in raising their children

Parents have the dual duty of balancing between work and spending time with their children. In addition to this they have their personal life as well. Maintaining the balance between multiple domains of life is a challenging and tiresome, but most important and an amazing experience. UNICEF, a branch of the UN took an initiative to help parents raise their children in their best capacity and help them acquire a meaningful and prosperous life. Other organisations and persons, having capacity, also need to put in some effort and help those parents in need, who are not able to give their children a meaningful life.

It inculcates a sense of respect in our minds towards our elders

Having a special day of parents – a Global Day of Parents – we realise the struggle of our parents and a sense of compassion engenders in our hearts towards our elders. Having mentioned this, it is also true that respect is not demanded, rather it is earned. A day of parents helps us realise that we, somehow, take for granted all the struggles of our parents, that need appreciation time and again.

It encourages parents to put in more efforts in parenting

In the ancient times, in millenniums, both the parents would divide the duty of parenting equally among themselves. Both parents would do the work and both would do the task of parenting. Then time changed, and mothers step forward in taking the major role of parenting, while fathers would go out and earn their livelihoods.

The paradigm is going to shift again and both parents have started taking equal responsibility for parenting and earning livelihoods. This day motivates fathers to take up an active role in taking care of their children and not just stay confined to going out and earn money.

It encourages teamwork

Global Day of Parents makes parents realise that parenting is not a one person job, i.e a mother’s job, however, fathers also need to adapt themselves and take an active part in this. Dividing the house chores, nappying kids, feeding them, playing games with them and telling them amazing bedtime stories are some of the jobs that parents do for their children. Diving these tasks, depending on the availability of any of the parents, is a good option. Some duties are more enjoyable compared with others, while others are more undesirable compared with others.

How to observe Global Day of Parents

Learn the ways of parenting in this modern world of technology

As discussed earlier, parenting is a major role in this dynamic world. We don’t want the future generation to astray, but to lead them to the path of development and nurture. For this we need to upgrade our parenting techniques and methods because old methods of parenting cannot be applied in this continuously evolving world. We need to adapt ourselves to the needs and requirements of changing dynamics of this world and impart necessary skills, education and moral behaviour in our children.

For this purpose, we need to read as much as we could about modern ways of parenting. After all, we need the best for our children and their future.

Stay up-to-date of Global Day of Parents:

Global Day of Parents is announced to help parents in giving their children the best childhood and to make them able to survive and thrive in this world. For this an initial push is inevitable and UNICEF chose to do the said job. The organisation has done its work, now it is upon us o get the most out of this opportunity.

One of the best way is to have all the knowledge about this very day, and then go for opportunities that await us. One of the most effective way to know about this day is the website of the United Nations. Click here to find out all about this special day at the UN website. There are other sources as well to gain this knowledge. You can visit your nearest library or bookshop and you will find a lot of stuff and information regarding this day.

Arrange a meeting or an event in schools, colleges, or at home

You can arrange a meetup or an event for parents, where different parents gather and share their experiences about parenting. Everyone will have one or more stories to tell and their will be a lot of lessons to learn about. You could share your issues about parenting and get best possible solutions to them.

You can watch a family movie with your whole family

You can watch a lesson carrying a movie about family, relationships, and specifically about parents and parenting. Just gather your family on the night after having dinner and enjoy a quality time with family watching this interesting movie.


Global Day Of Parents

Year Date Day
2020 June 1 Monday
2021 June 1 Tuesday
2022 June 1 Wednesday
2023 June 1 Thursday
2024 June 1 Saturday


Parenting has a direct impact on children’s lives and thus it needs to be taken great care in raising children. We live in a continuously changing world where uncertainty prevails at every moment. Furthermore, parents have their personal and professional lives along with raising and spending time with their children. If you are doing this effectively, you seriously got to tap on your back, because you are doing a great job. As said by Sue Atkins, “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.” We need to be real parents instead of trying to be perfect ones and seek little gratitude in the happiness of our children.


Toqeer Waheed